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Drupal 8 Website Software Powered On The Acquia Platform

Are you looking for the best website software? Digital leadership is about choosing the best Web Content Management (WCM) software that enables you to offer a superior online experience. Although, many organizations still have legacy products that do not stack up to today’s digital requirements.

Drupal 8 is the most advanced version of Drupal yet, and Drupal 8 on the Acquia Platform builds an agile, secure digital platform that will not disappoint.

Learn more about the advantages of Drupal 8, including:

  • Mobile-first - responsive and ready for all devices and screens
  • Developer's dream - designed for developer productivity
  • Multi channel content delivery - API driven content, delivered everywhere
  • Easy integration - seamlessly connect to existing technologies that are essential to your organization

Learn more by downloading The Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8!