Sitecore Cms

Build a Better Site With Drupal

There are many questions you should consider when selecting a CMS for your organization. What kind of digital experience do I want to deliver? What are the costs involved? Can I customize a site to my needs? Is the CMS difficult to use?
Sitecore and Drupal are two popular CMS’s you may choose from. Both choices will ultimately get the job done, but Drupal is the clear winner. Sitecore is only supported by Windows, is costly to implement and maintain, and can be difficult to customize. Drupal, however, is free open-source software that provides powerful tools to build a customizable digital experience when paired with the Acquia Platform.
Drupal provides:

  • Flexible workflows to create better content, faster
  • Access to a scalable, reliable cloud platform
  • Complementary security products and services
  • Ability to reach users across web, mobile, commerce, and other channels

Drupal is the chosen CMS for over 100,000 users. Read more about how Drupal beats Sitecore when you download our CMS toolkit today.