Site Core Cms

Learn Why Drupal is the Superior CMS Choice

Selecting the right CMS for your organization requires careful thought. What are your goals for your website? What type of experience do you want to deliver? Is the CMS flexible and easy to use? Is the CMS well supported? Are there fees involved?

Two CMS’s you may consider are Drupal and Site Core (SiteCore). While both choices are viable options, Drupal clearly comes out on top. SiteCore is supported only by windows, can be costly to implement and maintain, and is not easily customizable.  Drupal is the top-rated, free, open-source software offered as part of the proven-successful Acquia Platform.

Benefits of Drupal include:

  • Flexible workflows to create better content, faster
  • Access to a scalable, reliable cloud platform
  • Complementary security products and services
  • Ability to reach users across web, mobile, commerce, and other channels

Find out why Drupal beats SiteCore and is trusted by over 38,000 developers worldwide. Download our free CMS toolkit today and read more.