OpenScholar: Powering Web Experiences for Education

What is OpenScholar?

Universities have unique web requirements. OpenScholar, a Drupal distribution, was built to address these specific needs of higher ed. As a scalable, simple to use open source solution built on top of Drupal, OpenScholar allows users to create a multitude of websites quickly and easily, without any technical expertise.

Deploy your OpenScholar distribution on Acquia Cloud Free. As a Drupal development sandbox, Acquia Cloud Free includes:

  • Acquia Insight: evaluate and improve your website based on metrics such as security, performance, and best practices for Drupal
  • Acquia Search: employ Apache Solr-powered search and ensure that your visitors are experiencing the content they’re looking for with the best search experience possible
  • Acquia Mollom: protect your websites from unwanted spam and ensure your viewers are being provided with the appropriate content
  • Acquia Help Center: don’t let your questions go unanswered -- get access to tons of videos, articles, and other helpful resources, such as tips and tricks, how-tos, and best practices

Get started with OpenScholar on Acquia Cloud Free today!