Choosing an Open Source CMS

Why Leading Brands Are Choosing Open Source to Power Their Sites

As an open source CMS, Drupal is free and is built by the end-user for the end-user. Users of the open source CMS build what they want - not what's on a CMS vendor's roadmap. With over 100 thousand developers and some of the world's largest companies contributing to Drupal, it's constantly adding features and functionality - all of which are available to use.

Organizations leverage open source CMSs to build ambitious digital projects because:

  • Community: Over 1,000,000 developers, designers, trainers, strategists dedicated to Drupal's success
  • Flexibility: With over 38 thousand modules, Drupal can meet any of your unique needs - or you can build it yourself
  • Innovation: With open APIs, Drupal can integrate with any of your future systems as new APIs are released

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