Multi Touch Digital Experiences

All Touchpoints, All the Time!

Multi Touch Digital Experience is the foundation for gaining web presence across channels in todays world of web. Mobile experiences take up the majority of consumers' time online. This creates an opportunity for Digital Marketing organizations be certain mobile delivery of campaigns and content is optimized for particular device sizes, such as tablets, iPads, and whatnot, on top of basic mobile device functionalities. With so much contingency on website success along with social and digital marketing campaigns, companies are forced to ask themselves: can our site keep up?

Web Experience Management solutions developed on Drupal simply allows digital marketers to make the content they are providing dynamic, whether those users are coming from social or mobile platforms. Consider Acquia the toolbox to all your Drupal needs. While Drupal fulfills the full functions of the digital experience, Acquia delivers a platform that manages and deploys the support, functionality and metrics of Drupal.

With Acquia:

  • Launch and manage multiple sites
  • Assess and realign your experience to where your users are
  • Eliminate the issues that come along with excessive coding, and repurpose your existing code toolset in a consistent and aesthetic manner.

To learn more about how Acquia delivers the best multi-touch digital experience, read Forrester's Wave Q4 2015, to see our platform ranked as a leader in the industry.