Marketing Campaign Management Tools

Get the Tools for Success From Acquia

Many organizations are launching more marketing campaigns than ever before. When managing multiple campaigns you can lose sight of created content and where it lives. Data and content can get lost in back-end systems across organizations, driving the need for marketing campaign management tools that increase efficiencies. With Acquia, your team can spend more time innovating instead of searching for, and recreating content.

The technology landscape is filled with stubborn legacy systems, exciting new technologies, and constantly evolving web platforms. Connecting technologies can be difficult and expensive, and your team ends up wasting valuable time and resources in an effort to publish content to the web. The Acquia Platform enables you to integrate easily and efficiently.

Our webinar shows how the Acquia Content Hub can:

  • Integrate with different technologies and legacy systems with our Rest API
  • Normalize content across systems through our CDF format
  • Empower Drupal developers to extend our Drupal modules for additional Drupal functionality
  • Speed time to market with rich content sites

Watch the complete webinar to learn more about how Acquia provides the marketing campaign tools you need to succeed.