Manage Multiple Websites

Manage Multiple Websites With Acquia Cloud Site Factory

Managing and creating multiple websites is not easy. It takes hours of web development and marketing adjustments to achieve and maintain a desired result. Acquia’s Cloud Site Factory is built on top of Drupal and makes it efficient and quick to create and maintain multiple sites.

Here are just some of the many reasons to consider Acquia’s Cloud Site Factory's multi-site solution:

  • Exceptional hosting and monitoring - Enables hosting and monitoring infrastructure across multiple servers. With a 24/7 operations team on hand to test your site, keep it current, and patched securely, the success of your business is our key concern.
  • First class infrastructure - Multi-site offering is based on the same Acquia Cloud infrastructure that power some of the biggest and most active Drupal sites in the world. Acquia Cloud Site Factory allows you to quit worrying about site traffic, site speed, disk space, up-time, and backups.
  • Continuous Acquia support - Provides you with access to Acquia Support, leaving you and your team with unparalleled professional Drupal support and how-to guidance. Every customer is entitled to support tickets, ensuring that problems that require a more detailed conversation can be understood and managed correctly and efficiently.
  • Open and flexible, your SaaS - There is no vendor lock-in, it's yours. If you decide that you want to relocate your website to another host, or even host it yourself, you can move your website at any time.

With Acquia Cloud Site Factory all you need to do is log in once to log in to all of your sites. Managing multiple websites has never been easier. Find out more about taking control of your digital properties by downloading the report.