Is Drupal 8 Ready?

Is Drupal 8 Ready

Drupal 8 has 200+ new features and has something for both digital and technical teams. But, are you still wondering "Is Drupal 8 ready?" Drupal 8 is completely ready to build new sites on the Acquia Platform. That's right, we're all in and ready to help you make the move to Drupal 8.

Organizations like Manhattan Associates are already leveraging the power of Drupal 8 (you can hear their story here) and executing on their optimal digital and redesign strategy. In our Ultimate Guide to Drupal 8, you'll get an overview of the top changes in Drupal 8 and why it's time to consider D8 for your digital experience.

You'll learn about the advantages of Drupal 8, including:

  • Reimagined Content authoring: Create and update content easily on the go
  • One time publishing: API first approach lets you use content across all devices
  • Mobile-first: Ready for all devices built into core
  • Integrate with the tools you want: Easily connect to the technologies that are essential to your organization. (e.g. CRM, marketing automation, analytics)

Now that you know Drupal 8 is ready, are you? Let us help you get prepared for your move to Drupal 8!