Integrated Digital Experience

Connecting: customer to platform.

Integrated Digital Experience: perhaps the most desired feature of a content management delivery tool or software, right? As the digital world advances, so do the disruptive technologies that businesses struggle to implement as the functionalities and objective do not align. The growing need for business to give users a personalized and digital experience is paramount, as consumers are using a variety of touchpoints to access information about your business. With the propelling world of content, social media, and all things digital, there is a great struggle to align all of their "experience" into one easy to use and replicable experience.

The Acquia Platform is ranked a strong performer in the Forrester Wave for WCM and Digital Experience Platforms. And here is why:

"Acquia emphasizes integrations with third-party products to meet digital experience challenges." - Forrester Research, Inc.

Acquia satisfies the following six needs required by Forrester to gain ranking as a top Digital Experience Platform:

1. Coordinate data, content, and key services to drive reuse and quality.

2. Unify marketing, commerce, and service processes to improve practitioner workflows.

3. Deliver contextually and share targeting rules to unify the “glass.”

4. Share front-end code across digital touchpoints to manage a common user experience.

5. Link data and analytics to add insight and drive action.

6. Manage extensions and code for maximum reusability while avoiding over-customization

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