Implementing Personalization In Government

Government, with a side of personalization!

Implementing Personalization in Government seems to be a challenge with today's world. Initially when creating a personalization strategy, you must observe your users and gather basic user data. Personalization is a very powerful tool that drives users to the line of your digital business. This can mean different things to different websites. Government-related agencies have in the past delivered digital experiences to their audience (the general public) that are complex, inefficient and disorganized. It is also a known business trait: the information, data, and transactions that are shared between citizens and government. Heavy restrictions exist that dictate what a government organization is allowed or not allowed, more so than those applicable to other industries, and thus creates a feeling of isolation and barriers in the delivery of customizable digital experiences.

With the way the world of commerce is changing, citizens are also demanding that they are given user-friendly experience on government related sites too.

Acquia. The Best Digital Experience Platform:

  • allows for a roadmap for digital transformation
  • addresses and adheres to cultural change
  • develops a foundation for continual improvement
  • prepares your for future innovations to reshape the digital landscape in the week, month, and years ahead.

Check out this video to see how Acquia performs and aligns with your Government Digital Experience.