Good Customer Experience

Delivering a Good Customer Experience With Acquia

In today's digital world, customer expectation is higher than ever. Customers expect a tailored experience, but providing that is not as easy as you think. Acquia provides the foundation for a good customer experience by helping organizations provide the right digital experience, at the right time, on all touchpoints. The Acquia Platform provides the customer with a connected, engaging digital experience throughout the entire customer journey. Acquia is excited to be chosen as a Strong Performer with the highest strategy score in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Experience Platforms, Q4 2015. View the report to get a complete evaluation of the best vendors that will improve your digital experience platform and confirm your digital presence to achieve a good customer experience, including the:

  • Criteria evaluation of digital experience platform vendors
  • Identification of the 10 most significant software providers and how they size up
  • Coordination of customer data and content to drive reuse and quality
  • Digital experience outlook and how it has evolved since 2014
  • Need for handling numerous digital properties on a unified platform

Acquia helps businesses evolve to meet the continuously changing needs of the digital world by providing everything the customer needs in one connected platform. Build a good customer experience with everyone who comes in contact with your brand by using the Acquia Platform. Download your complimentary copy of The Forrester Wave to learn more about the benefits with Acquia.