Drupal Security

How Good is Drupal Security?

Today, security is the number one concern of many companies that are thinking about upgrading to a new level of digital experience.

Drupal, because it’s open source, is a safer bet than proprietary content management systems.

One reason: in open source software, thousands of coders work together to close security flaws. Proprietary systems have to rely on a small group of employees.

This means that security flaws get fixed faster in open source.

Acquia, which is built on top of open source Drupal, improves this security advantage by including patching and maintaining all server components, preparing security updates for their customers with Remote Administration, and recommends security best practices and configuration hardening for Drupal applications.

Acquia leverages professional practice, the open source community, and a tightly managed continuous ­deployment workflow to quickly patch vulnerabilities on our platform, while providing the tools to customers to stay up to date with regards to patching their Drupal applications.

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