Drupal Distributions: Try the One of Your Choice on Acquia Cloud Free

Drupal Distributions

Drupal distributions are custom versions of Drupal that include Drupal core, along with additional features like themes and modules libraries, to name a few. Drupal distributions can be full solutions for different use cases or be a jumping off point for developers and site builders to get started with Drupal easily. There are Drupal distributions for education, media companies, government, non-profits, community platforms, and much more. Acquia Drupal is a distribution maintained by Acquia that provides a free quick start to begin building sites and has the most popular modules included.

Drupal distributions can be installed easily on Acquia Cloud Free. Acquia Cloud Free lets you install the most popular distributions (We have 16 to choose from!) and test them out. Acquia Cloud Free is the best Drupal-tuned platform for building websites and includes:

  • Separate Environments: Dev and Stage
  • Easy Drag & Drop code and content deployment
  • Git Control
  • Drush
  • API control
  • Tools like Insight and Mollom to see into the performance and security of your site

Start testing the Drupal distribution of your choice on Acquia Cloud Free to easily get started with Drupal now.