Digital Marketing Tools

How Acquia Lift proves itself to be beyond other tools

Today there are too many digital marketing tools. Before selecting an array of digital marketing tools for your organization, you should carefully consider how you intend to use them and what you want to get out of your digital marketing tools. 

Acquia’s digital experience platform enables marketers to easily integrate any amount of digital marketing tools with his or her sites and web applications. With all of the available tools out there a digital marketer can rely on Acquia and Drupal to integrate and take full advantage of any tool on the market.

Acquia’s digital experience platform also features Acquia Lift. Lift enables digital marketers to:

  • Create unified customer profiles of their web traffic
  • Display personalized content based on their profile
  • Leverage lift to inform other digital marketing tools with useful data to make better marketing decisions.

Read the eBook about personalization to see how Acquia sets itself apart from other digital marketing tools.