Digital Experience Essentials

Digital Experience Essentials

Customer expectations are high these days when it comes to the web. Consumers want personalized digital experiences with social sharing capabilities and all the other bells and whistles. Web content management is fundamental to your digital experience and is vital to successfully the growth of your organization. But today the issue is organizations use platforms that are not synchronized and struggle to manage their content. Meanwhile, their customers are left with inconsistent brand experiences.

According to Forrester, a digital experience platform should accomplish the following:

1. Coordinate content, customer data, and core services to drive repurposing capabilities and engineer quality.

2. Unite marketing, commerce, and service processes to augment practitioner workflows.

3. Deliver contextually while sharing targeting rules to unify the “glass.”

4. Share front-end code across multiple digital touchpoints to foster an overall user experience.

5. Link analytics and data to add insight and drive action.

6. Handle code and extensions for maximum reuse while avoiding over-customization

It is paramount to provide a personalized experience that is time and platform sensitive. Satisfying any of these requirements is doable, but encompassing all aspects in your platform is when you will gain momentum and be a top performer in the world of digital experiences.

The Acquia Platform gives developers the best cloud platform with developer power tools, to deliver higher quality experiences faster

Acquia allows its customers to form their business and technical teams in one platform to deliver a digital experience that is up to speed with the ever-changing digital world. Acquia competes and performs as a top-rated platform that provides:

  • easy-to-use deployment and management capabilities of multiple sites,
  • high-quality developer tools that come with 24/7 access to support functions,
  • live metrics to track and measure your customers throughout their buyer journey.

In fact, Gartner coined Acquia: a Leader in 2015 Web Content Management and in 2014 as well.

Acquia is committed to being an open, cloud-first, integration-centric platform. Check out Forrester Wave's 2015 review to see how Acquia delivers as a top ranked digital experience platform.