Is Your Content Where it Needs to Be?

Acquia Lift: Is Your Content Where It Needs To Be?

"Content creators are finding it impossible to keep up with the demand for unique experiences among the explosion of devices, channels, and markets. On average, enterprises manage 268 customer-facing websites and mobile apps*, but amid this complex digital ecosystem, there has been no easy way to share content between platforms -- until now.
Find out how Acquia Lift with content syndication and discovery can enable content creators to:

  • Discover content regardless of creation point
  • Mitigate the risk of out of date content
  • Speed time to market with new, content rich sites
  • Eliminate costs and time associated with content duplication

Download the eBook now to learn how Acquia Lift can solve this pervasive problem by allowing content creators to aggregate, syndicate and discover content across a disparate network of sites and channels, no matter the content source.

*"The State Of Digital Experience Delivery, 2015"", Forrester Research, April 9, 2015"