Content Management System Architecture

Select The Platform With The Best Content Management System Architecture

Organizations use content management systems (CMS) to deliver content across digital properties - ranging from websites, to mobile applications and digital signage. It serves as an organization's digital backbone.
When exploring CMS solutions, organizations need to map their current and future goals to a content management system architecture.

Use this content management system selection toolkit, to find a web platform that meets your needs. Our toolkit includes:

  • Top Analyst Research Reports on Content Management System Vendors: Hear From Gartner and Forrester on the recommended platform for your organization
  • A Guide to Selecting Your Next CMS: Find out which platform meets your content management system needs
  • Case studies of global brands who have re-platformed to new content management systems including Maxim and Pac-12
  • A checklist with questions to ask your CMS vendors before proceeding with evaluation