Learn About the Drupal Content Management System

Content Management Drupal

Drupal is a flexible content management system that is used by organizations globally to create great digital experiences. Organizations like Mint.com, Weather.com and Warner Music Group use Drupal as their foundation to deliver personalized digital experiences across all platforms and devices.

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The newest version of Drupal (Drupal 8) sets the standard for ease of use with over 200+ new features. From technical to business users, Drupal 8 has something everyone will love. Learn about the newest version of Drupal by reading our ultimate guide, that will review the top improvements, including:

  • Mobile by nature: Create content once and use across any device
  • Multilingual capabilities: Speak your customers language by using the built-in interfaces to translate anything in the system
  • Easy content authoring: In-place editing and WYSIWYG make it simple to edit content on the go
  • Integrate with your marketing stack: Drupal connects to the technology you want to use