Content Engagement Platform

Why the Right Content Engagement Platform is Critical to Growing Your Business

In order to grow your business, having the right content engagement platform is key. Forrester has said that 91% of marketers believe that digital marketing is imperative to successfully growing business. However, only 44% of marketers have a clear digital strategy that’s deployed across the organization.*

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Do you know where your brand lands? In this Forrester Research report you’ll learn the importance of ensuring that your content engagement platform creates strong customer relationships in order to build a resonant brand that strengthens brand loyalty. This report enables you to discover, align, identify, and design the perfect digital experience platform that fulfills both your customer's needs and the needs of their business. You’ll also learn about:

  • Why a connected digital experience matters
  • The negative impact a lack of digital strategy can have on customer relationships
  • Suggestions on how to progress your team to a digitally savvy culture