Connected Digital Experience

Integrate all of your digital experiences on one platform.

Digital experiences span across multiple devices, channels, sites, technologies, web tools and apps. Creating the connection between these greatly improves the customer experience.

There are thousands of technologies to create links between experiences. Whether it is marketing automation, personalization, web content management systems - the goal is to understand a web user’s behavior and present relevant information and content at the right time.

A connected digital experience often means creating a unified profile of your web user that can be accessed by any device no matter what channel they use to arrive at a web property. With this a user can have a similar and engaging experience if they access a web property via an app on their phone or through a browser.

Acquia knows that a connected digital experience is the new norm. Using Acquia Lift an organization can:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Unify customer profiles and deliver personalized content
  • Use useful data to inform other digital marketing tools and therefore make better marketing decisions.

With that, Acquia Lift can serve personalized content and information to the right user at the right time. Read the eBook to learn about Acquia's personalization solutions to see how this is possible.