Cms Sharepoint

Create Richer, More Engaging Experiences with Drupal

When choosing a CMS, consider which one will help produce the website experience you envision for your organization. While Microsoft SharePoint is an option you may consider, it was actually created for document management, not content management. The Acquia Platform, including Drupal, our open-source software, is designed to help you create the engaging digital experiences you need to drive your business.

SharePoint does have its strengths, but it can be frustrating when it doesn’t meet your expectations for a site experience.  If your organization already uses SharePoint internally, you can integrate it with Drupal for a richer experience. This way you get the document management and comprehensive CMS platform you need.

Use Drupal and:

  • Serve content to device-centric customers
  • Create better content, faster, with flexible workflows
  • Integrate marketing
  • Run on a scalable, reliable cloud platform
  • Unlock content across your enterprise
  • Enjoy our unparalleled security

Start driving successful digital transformation when you experience the flexibility of Drupal. Learn more about migrating to Drupal and Acquia by downloading our free CMS toolkit today.