Drupal 8 Deep Dive: Plugin System


Drupal 8 has introduced a number of new (to Drupalists) technologies, but embedded in this mix are a handful of Drupal-centric innovations. Amongst the first of these to be introduced to Drupal 8 was the Plugin system. The Plugin system is a far reaching PHP Component that has largely replaced the old hook_info/alter pattern within Drupal and can be used outside of Drupal as well.

In this webinar, Kris Vanderwater (You may know him as EclipseGc) will review:

Evolve or Die: How Marketing Can Eliminate Bottlenecks and Crush Digital Goals


70% of the Fortune 500 companies that existed 10 years ago are no longer sitting on their fortune. In fact, they have either been knocked out of the top 500 or are no longer in business due to digital disruption.

Improve the ROI of Your Drupal Site with an Updated Content Strategy


Companies are constantly trying to break through the noise of social media and on the web to increase conversion rates. Competition to attract, engage and convert is becoming increasingly difficult and
content marketers are in the position to prove ROI. Reporting metrics like “increased impressions” and “better brand awareness” are not enough because companies are looking for hard before/after numbers.

This session will discuss how to prove ROI through content marketing on your websites, social media, and email, including:

What Organizations Can Expect with Drupal 8


Join Mediacurrent to explore the newest version of Drupal from a business owner's perspective. In this session, you’ll get to see what Drupal 8 has in store for you, including better support for mobile, internationalization, web services, HTML5 and the enterprise marketplace. For attendees already using Drupal, we’ll dive into how to prepare your site now for Drupal 8 and what you can do to get help when the newest version comes out.

We will review:

Acquia Lift for Site Builders: How to Define Campaigns, Set Up Tests, and Integrate with 3rd Party Platforms


Personalization is all you hear about these days, and for good reason. 71% of best-in-class B2B companies personalize their content marketing to target the decision maker. Whether you’re new to the personalization game, or were personalizing content offers way before it was all the rage, we’re here to answer your most pressing personalization questions.

You Can Have It All: Build Creative Brand Sites Faster


“I want to bring new products and campaigns to market faster.”

Simple, right? Yet how many of us digital marketers have this dream, but don’t actually get to turn it into a reality?

For some, you may find yourself spending more time negotiating or revising project timelines with IT than launching killer digital marketing campaigns. Or, maybe you’ve just become painfully accustomed to having your marketing website requests postponed or delayed because of higher priority IT projects.

Pourquoi et comment personnaliser le parcours digital de vos clients ?


Vos clients souhaitent vivre une expérience riche et unique. Vous devez leur raconter une histoire qui leur parle et les implique !

Pourquoi et comment personnaliser des expériences digitales uniques ?

En exploitant au mieux les données client à votre disposition, vous avez la capacité de construire cette expérience et développer une relation engageante avec votre marque.

Découvrez Acquia Lift, la solutions idéale pour créer des expériences riches, personnalisées et engageantes.

Au programme de notre webinar :