The Future of Digital Marketing is Context-Driven


Connecting and engaging with your customers is more important than ever before, and greeting them with a uniquely crafted experience is no longer just the dream of marketing and commerce executives. It’s a reality, and it’s a customer expectation.

In order to keep customers engaged, brands understand that they need to deliver experiences that are specifically tailored to individual interests and preferences, and that are driven by location, device, behaviour, and context.

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Digital Trends: Why Media and Entertainment Firms Are Thinking Like Technology Companies


Highlander, Thunderdome, Co-Pilot, Pagebuilder, Presto, Scoop, and Chorus. These are just some of the code names of custom solutions that major media and entertainment firms are leveraging to help them reach, grow, engage, and monetize their audiences. But why are these companies investing in custom technology?

Supercharged Drupal 8 Development Using the PhpStorm IDE


In this webinar we’ll show how PhpStorm can help Drupal 8 Developers become more productive, writing reliable and readable code more quickly than ever before. Learn how developing with PhpStorm’s powerful Drupal support and open source collaboration tools can significantly ease development and code review by conforming to Drupal’s Coding Standards and leveraging on-the-fly code analysis.

Personalization for Higher Education Websites: Start Small and Think Big


The vast majority of today’s university websites still provide the same static experience to every visitor. Learn how personalized experiences can drive better experiences for users, and better outcomes for your institution.

The webinar will explore how to start thinking about planning for personalization and share ideas for immediate high-impact scenarios on university websites. We’ll explore:

The Rise of the Experience Web: Why Your Company Must Adapt or Die


The rise of the experience web (and the future of web content management) is here and we’re now in the most innovative era in the history of technology. Major advances are already on the short-term horizon, including wearables, the internet of things, real-time geo-location targeting, drones, and even self-driving cars.

Drupal 8 Deep Dive: Plugin System


Drupal 8 has introduced a number of new (to Drupalists) technologies, but embedded in this mix are a handful of Drupal-centric innovations. Amongst the first of these to be introduced to Drupal 8 was the Plugin system. The Plugin system is a far reaching PHP Component that has largely replaced the old hook_info/alter pattern within Drupal and can be used outside of Drupal as well.

In this webinar, Kris Vanderwater (You may know him as EclipseGc) will review: