Supercharged Drupal 8 Development Using the PhpStorm IDE


In this webinar we’ll show how PhpStorm can help Drupal 8 Developers become more productive, writing reliable and readable code more quickly than ever before. Learn how developing with PhpStorm’s powerful Drupal support and open source collaboration tools can significantly ease development and code review by conforming to Drupal’s Coding Standards and leveraging on-the-fly code analysis.

Security in Action: Keeping Your Site Secure in an Insecure World


Security is a shared responsibility. Infrastructure providers, platform providers, website creators and maintainers, and the open source community (which powers most of the Internet), must work together to keep sites secure. And with the onslaught of vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed, Xen, and Shellshock, website security has become a concern of paramount importance for IT professionals.

Join us for a webinar where we’ll review the top strategies for keeping your site secure. You will learn about:

Metamorphosis: Switching and Migrating to Drupal


Planning to make the switch to Drupal? Entertaining the idea of moving to Drupal? Not sure what is involved in moving and migrating a CMS? This webinar is for you.

Promet Source's super-smart part-Scrum Master and part-Chief Technology Officer will be joined by Promet's entertainingly businessy (less-technical) Marketing Manager. Johnnie Fox and Maggie Graham (respectively) will introduce you to that which is involved in the great metamorphosis: Switching to Drupal!

Personalization for Higher Education Websites: Start Small and Think Big


The vast majority of today’s university websites still provide the same static experience to every visitor. Learn how personalized experiences can drive better experiences for users, and better outcomes for your institution.

The webinar will explore how to start thinking about planning for personalization and share ideas for immediate high-impact scenarios on university websites. We’ll explore:

How to Plan and Execute Integration Projects


With the rise of Enterprise IT Systems, such as Marketo, SharePoint, and Salesforce, more organizations and clients are asking for custom integration with their 3rd party platforms. A common need for many organizations is integrating Drupal with these systems. A proper strategy can double the effectiveness of the integration.

Get Certified | How To Prepare for the Newest Certification Exam


Join Peter Manijak, our Head of Certification, and Ben Ortega, Director of Learning Services to find out about the newest exam offer and supporting courseware for the Acquia Certification Program. We’ll review the new credential that can be earned and the roadmap for future exams. We’ll also show you what the certification process is like and how to prepare yourself to achieve an Acquia Certification credential.

In this webinar you will learn about:

The Rise of the Experience Web: Why Your Company Must Adapt or Die


The rise of the experience web (and the future of web content management) is here and we’re now in the most innovative era in the history of technology. Major advances are already on the short-term horizon, including wearables, the internet of things, real-time geo-location targeting, drones, and even self-driving cars.

Every Second Counts: Getting Started with Personalization


Think you know your site visitors? Think again. The majority of site traffic is anonymous, which makes it the job of the digital marketer to get to know visitors on a more personal level. What complicates this is that more often than not, 70% of the decision-making process is complete before a lead even reaches out to sales.