Webinar-Serie: Digital Experiences, Teil 3: Social Intranet & Collaboration Strategien am Fallbeispiel Vitos


Nachhaltiges Wissensmanagement, übergreifender Austausch von unternehmensinterner Expertise und eine Kultur der konstruktiven Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit – alle diese Elemente werden in Zukunft ein wesentlicher Bestandteil von stabilen und innovativen Unternehmen sein.

Die Einführung einer webbasierten Plattform für die interne Kollaboration und Kommunikation ist ein wichtiger Schritt dafür, die Produktivität der Mitarbeiter zu steigern und Impulse für Innovation zu setzen.

Announcing Acquia Lift: Faster Delivery of Hyper-Personal Digital Experiences


You have seconds to convert a visitor who may only visit a given page once in a single journey. Acquia Lift helps you create and deliver content experiences that automatically present site visitors with the content they want to see.

Do I Need Drupal?


If you're involved in online technology for your organization, you've probably heard of Drupal. In this webinar, we’ll provide a better understanding of just what Drupal is and what it does. Whether you're trying to pick the right platform for your next web development project or you just want to better understand what Drupal does, this webinar will answer your questions. Join Margaret Plett, experienced Drupal instructor for this free online session.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate:

Adding Multilingual Capabilities to your Drupal Site


Adding Multilingual Capabilities to your Drupal Site

Drupal comes in 180 languages and is used by people in 230 countries/territories. In this short webinar, our architect will take you through the process of setting up a multi-lingual site.

You will learn how to:

  • Create page-level and field-level translations
  • Translate interfaces
  • Translate menus
  • Add a language selector to your site
  • Auto-determine the visitors language.

Best Practices for Drupal Adoption


Adopting Drupal successfully across your organization starts long before code and configuration. A carefully developed and executed adoption plan will help you get the most from your Drupal investment and have staff and constituents thanking you.

Create a Symfony Application from a Drupal Perspective


The inclusion of the Symfony framework into Drupal 8 can bring with it many questions and concerns from Drupal enthusiasts, both beginner and veteran alike. In this session, we'll create a simple Symfony 2 project from start to launch, including a quick template with Twig, and correlate each step of the process to the equivalent Drupal steps.

Attendees will come away with:

How to Maximize Community Engagement in Support and Fan Communities


Attention marketers and community managers! Join us and our partner Appnovation Technologies for a webinar that’s all about communities.

In the support world, communities help brands to resolve product issues quickly by enabling peer-to-peer tribal knowledge sharing. If you can master this, you can lower support costs and gain invaluable consumer insights.

How to Work with Media in Drupal


Pictures. Podcasts. Videos. Every client wants to have them on their site, and every time you hear them ask for it, you get a little queasy. Addison Berry and Media project to the rescue! Addison is the co-author of the O'Reilly best-selling book Using Drupal, and has created two instructional video series on Drupalize.Me focused on Drupal media management. In this one-hour webinar, Addison will walk you through the basics of managing audio and visual assets using Media. She will also cover:

Drupal Essentials: Comment Management in Drupal 7


Drupal’s out of the box comment system allows for some basic comment management, and even fields on comments. With a few modules you can make comments easier to manage. With modules like Webform, you can find other ways to get feedback from your site visitors. Using tools like Mollom can offload much of the work of moderation. Disqus integration can entirely offload comments management, but at a price.

Tell the Right Story to the Right People at the Right Time: Integrating Content, Commerce, and Community


Your customers are everywhere these days: purchasing in stores or online (or even online while in stores), finding and buying your products through affiliate networks and discovery platforms, and are even out there creating and posting content about your brand. Brands must be wherever the consumer is, and provide a compelling digital experience to guide them through the buyer’s journey. How will your brand get there?