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Video: The Acquia Story

All about Acquia and Drupal — in three minutes

Hear what Acquia leaders and staff think about the company, the Drupal community and Drupal itself. Interviewees include CEO Tom Erickson, CTO/Co-Founder Dries Buytaert, VP/Co-Founder Jay Batson, Angie “webchick” Byron and more.

The Acquia story

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Learn about products mentioned in this video:

Drupal Commons is free software for building and hosting collaborative websites. Features include blogs, wikis and calendars; thousands of free Drupal modules provide other features.

Drupal Gardens lets individuals quickly create and publish websites for free. It features point-and-click design, easy site export and all the features of Drupal.

Acquia's open cloud platform delivers scalability, security and high performance for Drupal sites that matter. Acquia Cloud is the only solution that helps everyone from professional developers to large enterprises achieve success in Drupal application lifecycle management.

Acquia Network provides answers, tools and support for professionals who build websites using Drupal. Subscription levels escalate from basic site monitoring to front-of-the-line, enterprise-level support.