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Come talk to us at Drupalcon

Dries' Acquia 2009 roadmap describes our plans for the year. We have a lot of great ideas -- and we have just as many questions and need your input to make sure we build products you want to use. As Product Manager, my mission at Drupalcon is to talk to as many of you as possible and hear what you like and don't like about Acquia Drupal, Acquia Network, and get your thoughts on Acquia Search and other new products. Here are some ways to find us at Drupalcon:

What's your view on the Future of Open Source?

In what has become an annual tradition at the Open Source Business Conference, Michael Skok of North Bridge Venture Partners will host a keynote panel discussion on the Future of Open Source.

SEO best practices webinar

We recently launched free live webinars on acquia.com. Accessible by anyone, these live interactive webinars are typically scheduled on Thursdays at 1pm ET/10am PT/6pm GMT. This Thursday I have invited Ben Finklea from Volacci to present on SEO Best Practices for your Drupal Site.

Supporting Customers, Not Just Modules

Dries recently blogged about our recent change to “support everything Drupal 6” and I’d like to expand on the details a bit. It’s one of many changes we’re likely to make as we learn how to shape our offerings to better serve the Drupal end-user and consulting communities.

Making Module Installation Easy for Acquia Search

Jeff Noyes (our Simplicity Guru), Linea Rowe, Peter Wolanin and myself sat down to discuss how the install process for our Hosted Search Service would look (yes, we’re getting close – Private Beta is out in two weeks)! Typically, when you have a faceted search engine, there is a set of filters on the left and search results on the right, with the sorting links generally horizontally aligned somewhere near the search box.

Happy New Year - taking the rest of the year off

It has been a really exciting year at Acquia and I am celebrating with Champagne with my colleagues at Acquia for a couple of reasons, one of them being the New Year. It has been a lot of fun the last few weeks helping our sales team deal with a huge amount of interest in our new products.

I just literally finished helping a customer who called in this afternoon to evaluate and buy a professional subscription at 11:59PM EST. I am taking the rest of the year off, all 3 hours of it. Here's looking to a successful 2009!

Acquia at DIWD, Dude

If you didn't get a chance to attend DIWD (Do it with Drupal) - apparently pronounced "Dude" - you definitely missed out. Bryan, Linea, Chuck, Robert, Gábor and I all boarded planes on Tuesday to head down to New Orleans for the three-day event. None were disappointed.

S-Files: Customizing a theme with a sub-theme

This is the first in a two-part post about creating a sub-theme and using the sub-theme to customize the display of a views block on an Acquia Drupal site. The first installment will include creating the sub-theme and adding some CSS. In part two we'll get into updating the theming for a views block.

Using meet-up for San Francisco local group meeting blows up attendance

Greg Beuthin, from AF83 has been running San Francisco Drupal local group meetings for the last year. He moved from San Francisco to Paris last month, and long time Drupal user John Faber stepped up to take over Greg's AF83 responsibilities including keeping a vibrant San Francisco Drupal users group going.