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Prescribed Products Promotional Standards

Acquia is collaborating with Sudler & Hennessey, a leader in healthcare and life sciences communications and member of the global WPP Group, to launch the Rx Promotional Standards Distribution, a new open source solution for the development and management of US-based pharmaceutical sites.

The Situation

Lack of industry standards creates challenges with scalability and agility, and increases costs on every project

Unique compliance requirements for each site increases time to market

Nonresponsive design makes for suboptimal view across devices

Key elements are not fully search friendly


Our Plan


Template-based platform improves agility, time to market, and cost


Industry best practices for ISI visibility on all devices


Responsive design makes sites look great on any device


Search indexing improved by semantic markup and avoiding keyword duplication penalties

"The timing is perfect - solving a real need for the industry"
-Justin Rauschkolb
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, Ferring

Build Kit

A crucial benefit of the Drupal framework is the concept of distributions: preconfigured sets of functional modules, themes, and design elements that accelerate the development and deployment of a site tailored to a specific use case.

The Rx Promotional Standards Distribution will deliver significant operational leverage to pharmaceutical firms by providing them a platform to develop and deploy sites that are responsive, semantically optimized, engaging, and help satisfy regulatory compliance.

  1. Persistent “fair balance” messaging that is search friendly, has several lines appearing on any screen size, folds into the content when the user scrolls down the page, and is independently scrollable or expandable
  2. Semantic markup and navigation elements to consistently and accessibly communicate safety, prescription information, and medication guides
  3. A Professional Access Gateway window—an element to differentiate between patient and healthcare professional versions, and “gate” the professional section of the website
  4. A site exit window to notify users when they are leaving the official site

The Benefits

Consistency of user experience
Improve search results
Creative and legal can focus on balance within content areas
Cost and time savings on every site
Leverage Rx coding community for client-specific versions and updates

The Future

The Project is dynamic and will expand over time to include:

  • Site standards published as open source GIT repo
  • Extend data/semantic standards
  • extend rx promo standards beyond sites: banners, video, tablet details, apps
  • extend site templates to ex-us country-/region-specific versions

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"Savings for both agencies and for clients on every project"-David Cherry
Chief Digital Officer, S&H