Digital Marketers

Create, manage, and optimize content rich, personalized web experiences across channels of engagement.

Accelerate campaigns that bolster demand

Accelerate campaigns

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Establish deep brand connections

Establish deep
brand connections

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Broaden your audience

Broaden your audience

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Drupal: Powering Transformational Digital Marketing on the Open Web

The digital revolution has given consumers an unprecedented level of control and choice as they spend more time researching, socializing, and buying online.

Drupal for Digital Marketing

Learn how Drupal is Powering the Digital Marketer's agenda to help create immersive experiences, connect with customers, convert prospects, and capture customer insights. Web Experience Management solutions built on Drupal offer a centralized Digital Marketer’s toolkit for creating, managing, and delivering engaging web experiences.

Ease to use authoring environment

Drag and drop layouts reduce the reliance on IT and empower marketers to command the business and execute innovative, multi-channel digital experiences and campaigns.

Dynamic content

Create customer segments, and deliver personalized, contextually relevant content that optimizes over time resulting in better conversion rates.

Social communities

Add social features to your site including blogs, ratings, wikis, and forums seamless to web experiences.

Rich media management

Leverage a centralized media repository for managing, protecting, and reusing digital assets across multi-channel campaigns.


Multi-Site management

Reuse existing templates to build 100s or 1000s of sites with translated and local content germane to that market/geography.

Multi-channel campaign management

Deliver optimized content seamlessly across web, mobile, and social channels regardless of user persona, social site, device, or application.

Content delivery and re-use

Deliver campaigns across social media applications, PubSub and RSS syndication, plus headless delivery for mobile applications.

SaaS pricing model

Map marketing budgets to operational expenditures in a predictable way with PaaS and SaaS pricing models.