Generate New Demand and
Expand Your Lead Funnel

High tech firms are constantly competing for new customers and struggling for new demand creation. To build a strong, continuous funnel of new prospects, companies must implement a content strategy that leverages effective SEO and SEM practices. In addition to optimizing search results, targeted campaigns and promotions to high value customer segments should also be utilized. High Tech Digital Marketers need to ensure their engagement strategy exploits all channels, including the web, mobile and social. A multi-channel marketing strategy needs to be coordinated on the both the front and back end with tight integration to existing marketing automation and CRM systems, ensuring a seamless transition from the web to the right sales resources for follow up.

With Drupal, firms can easily build brand awareness for products and services by delivering relevant, personalized information to multiple customer segments. Additionally, content, whether it is text, images, videos, or other media, is optimized for search engines and multi-channel delivery across social and mobile channels. The Drupal platform offers the speed of innovation required by high tech leaders to drive demand in an intensely competitive marketplace.