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NuCivic Data is a fully-supported, cloud-based open data platform that adheres to OpenSaaS principles that are fundamental to today’s government information technology needs. All NuCivic Data solutions are built using DKAN, the Drupal-based open data platform developed and maintained by NuCivic.


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NuCivic Data is a full-featured, fully-supported, cloud-hosted offering of the all-in-one, open source open data platform DKAN. Learn more how it works.

Learn more about how it works

Project Open Data

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The core technology behind NuCivic Data (DKAN) was identified by U.S. Project Open Data as a "ready-to-use" tool "that will help agencies jump-start their open efforts" and a "real, implementable" solution "developed to significantly reduce the barrier to implementing open data at your agency."

DKAN is an open source, open data platform with a full suite of data and content management cataloging, publishing and visualization features that empower organizations to easily distribute public data in easy-to-consume formats. It provides features that make it easy to upload, parse, store, publish, catalog and visualize a vast array of data, including spreadsheets, text documents and maps.


Everything you need to know about deploying a successful, sustainable open data platform with NuCivic Data.



Live demo

  • U.S. Project Open Data approved
  • Data.gov compatible
  • Out-of-the-box ready
  • Design, theming tools
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Data management system
  • Metadata, tags, categorization
  • User permissions/controls
  • Engagement, social sharing
  • Charts, graphs
  • GIS, maps
  • Integrated CMS, blogs
  • Data stories
  • Full-scale development
  • Security review, management
  • Training and support
  • Cloud-ready
  • + more