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White paper: The Fastest Way to a Drupal site

Think it, Plan it, Build it.

If you’re new to Drupal, maybe you’re already impressed with Drupal’s power and flexibility, and you’d like to try your hand at setting up a website that goes beyond a simple blog. You start thinking, “Okay ... content types, user roles, a sidebar here, a picture of a flower there and nodes and teasers and my Twitter stream. Why is that author name showing every time?!” ... Not to mention stuff like installation, server configuration, databases … and you don’t get very far.

This white paper will give you a small planning toolset and a few tips to help get you oriented. I’d like you to get a Drupal 7 website planned and online today, and the fastest way to get there is Drupal Gardens (drupalgardens.com). It saves you from the technical overhead and lets you dive into how Drupal works, exploring the administrative interface and learning how to organize content.