White paper: Assembling a Next Generation Enterprise Web Infrastructure with Drupal and Acquia

Once thought of as a content distribution channel, the web is now about social content experiences: the rich, interactive experiences that can be created from a blend of media types shared by diverse groups of individuals and delivered to all kinds of devices.

With this sweeping change has come a new set of challenges. Many organizations’ websites have new blogging functionality, a few internal collaboration sites, customer support via technical forums, e-commerce functionality, and support for iPhone, iPad and Android. Unfortunately, the technologies supporting all this have become increasingly complex and difficult to manage, and the total cost of ownership remains high.

CIOs are now waking up; they’re realizing that the cost of running twenty different content management systems on twenty different stack configurations is an expensive, unnecessary burden for the organization. They can see that there are cost savings to be made if they standardize.

In this paper we describe how the open-source social publishing platform Drupal, together with Acquia, gives you the tools you need to regain control of your web content infrastructure and web applications -- and deliver the service you require.

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