Program and Tactic Personalization: A Decision Guide

Today, every business wants to deliver more personalized communications and experiences to their customers. And while the technology is fully capable of delivering, every company needs to consider whether the time, effort and cost will be worth the reward.

Getting the balance right is a challenge.

Let us help. Download your free SiriusDecisions research brief — "Program and Tactic Personalization: A Decision Guide."

In it, you’ll learn:

  • Why just enough personalization should be the end goal when trying to maximize the benefits to the business.
  • How to get the right foundations in place when you’re preparing your personalization strategy.
  • Which tradeoffs to consider in striking the right balance for your business.

From the briefing

“When considering whether or not to personalize specific elements of a program, it’s critical to understand what determines the feasibility or personalization, and how to evaluate whether the increased effort of personalization will be justified by improved program or tactic performance.”

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