How to Build Brand Trust in Digital Customer Experiences

Brand trust is so hard to come by, and so easy to lose.

By 2020, companies that are considered “digitally trustworthy” will generate 20 percent more online profit than those that are not, according to Gartner’s research.

With all of the new customer experience technology at marketers’ fingertips, trust goes well beyond just security and privacy. It’s about understanding and meeting customer expectations during every interaction and point of service.

“Customer trust must be maintained at every touchpoint in order for an organization to be deemed as trustworthy, especially in customer-facing applications and those used by representatives of the company that also impact customer experience,” according to Gartner.

In this Gartner research report you will learn:

  • Five key expectations you need to meet for customers to trust your business.
  • Eight characteristics of the most trusted organizations.
  • Gartner’s multi-factor framework for building trust.
  • Ten core attributes of trust (and how you’ll know you’ve achieved them).

Download this Gartner report on brand trust and customer experiences.

Download this white paper on building brand trust