Forrester: Digital Rewrites The Rules Of Business

Digital technology is drastically altering the balance of power between customers and companies. While customers gain the power of information and choice, digital technology dramatically improves the economics of business.

The rules of business are being rewritten nearly every day with these new digital technologies.  It’s your job as a digital business leader to apply these rules to engage, compete, and grow. Every industry has a unique digital transformation opportunity.

Companies must now be continuously reinventing their business -- with technology at the core -- or watch from the sidelines while their market is disrupted.

Read this report from Forrester to learn these four new rules of business and how to begin applying them to your organization, so you don’t get left behind.

Forrester Digital Rewrites the Rules of Business, Nigel Fenwick, Ted Shadler, 26 February 2018.

Read the Forrester Report: Digital Rewrites The Rules Of Business