Catching up with Constituents' Digital Expectations: IDEA

Today, government agencies at all levels are tasked with improving the ways they engage with constituents online. The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) mandates that federal agencies move quickly to make improvements.

Because IDEA is both new and wide-ranging, it poses challenges for government technology professionals. Our new whitepaper can help bring the legislation’s most important aspects and benefits to light.

Download your copy to learn about:

  • The major goals of IDEA
  • New requirements and mandates for all federal agency websites
  • Benefits to the public, and to government employees
  • Enforcement, timing, and monitoring
  • Primary challenges to compliance
  • How Acquia can help

The whitepaper contains the information and insights that can help you gain a head start on your agency’s transformation, along with information on how Acquia can help you meet today’s customer expectations and ensure compliance with IDEA.

Download White Paper