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Digital Customer Experience Management and Integration Tips

This Forrester report will help you learn a better way to integrate marketing technology and improve your digital customer experience management.
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Forrester Digital Experience Integration Playbook

Anyone involved in managing digital customer experiences knows technical integration is a headache.

The reality is, single-vendor solutions always mean compromises (and are often not as integrated as you’d expect). So creating the best customer experiences inevitably involves adopting and managing technology from multiple companies.

All too often, however, painful integration initiatives slow your time to market, use budgets you can’t afford to waste, and still end up with subpar digital customer experience management.

We need a better approach.

This Forrester report, “Digital Experience Technology Integration: Go Beyond Just A Basket Of Solutions,” will help you learn:

  • How adopting a reference architecture approach can help you overcome costly silos.
  • How to use APIs to maximize flexibility while avoiding unnecessary customization.
  • The five key integration principles that will make the entire process easier and more effective.
  • The three stages that are critical to digital experience strategy.

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