Use Content to Enhance Your Commerce Experience

Rich media and omni-channel shopping are blurring the lines within the traditional customer journey of awareness-consideration-purchase. Today’s modern consumer experiences many different distractions and choices along their journey from beginning to end, and as a result consumers are now expecting a cohesive, integrated digital shopping experience.

Telling your story in an engaging and unique way by integrating content and commerce has proven to be the most effective way to drive more relevant engagement and ultimately, conversion. Forty eight percent of consumers and 60% of millennials will leave a retailer’s site and seek information elsewhere when interactive visual content is not readily available. In this webinar, learn about the importance of integrated commerce experiences, and how techniques such as shoppable video, spin photography, and other rich media can drive engagement and conversion in your business.

Topics include:

  • The trends of integrating content and commerce and why major brands are adopting this strategy
  • Rich media’s impact on shopper expectations and behavior and how to best address these changes
  • A success story from Roots, Canada on how to integrate content and commerce from a brand's perspective