From Stone Age-worthy Sites to Cohesive Content: How Trinity University is Using Drupal to Enhance Their .Edu Space

Jeanna Balreira - Associate Director for Creative Services & Editor of Trinity Magazine, Trinity University
Bjorn Thompson - Senior Business and UX Architect, ImageX Media

Blogs, course content, research updates, and Spiders on Drugs. Wait ... what?! Faculty, staff, and student organizations at Trinity University had spent about a decade developing creative content and individual web sites on the domain. Unfortunately, their creativity was published online without any oversight or review process, and without a content management system to store or organize data.

Trinity needed a solution that would enable their faculty to easily create and update brand-consistent sites, and students to search for a multitude of research, teaching, and student org content all within the .edu domain. As a result, Trinity, in partnership with ImageX Media, turned to open-source Drupal as a cost-effective, customizable, and easy-to-train solution.

In this webinar, you will hear from Trinity and ImageX about how Drupal has enabled the university to:

  • Focus on content creation without having to navigate through back-end web code
  • Create customizable, responsive themes on a flexible template
  • Increase site governance with user and contributor permissions
  • Allow Trinity to “own,” through presence on the domain, content and keywords that showcase Trinity community members as thought leaders in their fields