The Rise of the Experience Web: Why Your Company Must Adapt or Die

The rise of the experience web (and the future of web content management) is here and we’re now in the most innovative era in the history of technology. Major advances are already on the short-term horizon, including wearables, the internet of things, real-time geo-location targeting, drones, and even self-driving cars.

The intersection of these new technologies creates tremendous opportunity for forward-thinking companies to redefine the customer experience through technology. Digital Marketers and IT Teams are at a cross-roads: Those that put the customer experience first will succeed. Those that fail to think "digital first," will become obsolete.

In this webinar, Dries Buytaert, Project Lead of Drupal, and David Aponovich, former Forrester Analyst and industry veteran specialized in web content management and digital experience technology, will share with you:

  • An introduction to the Experience Web and how to tap into digital innovation
  • Why companies must alter their business model to exceed customer expectations
  • Signs your company or industry is at risk for disruption
  • How to quickly and cost-effectively pivot to a digital first approach
  • Examples of companies ahead of this trend