Load Testing & Drupal 8: What You Need to Do to Ensure a Smooth Launch

Congrats, you’ve embarked on building a shiny new Drupal 8 site! You’re already ahead of the pack, but to keep up with all the changes, there are a few critical steps you can take to make sure your launch goes smoothly. Because even as you'll spend months following new Drupal 8 releases, porting a handful of contributed modules, and mastering your deployment workflow, nothing ruins a site launch faster than an interruption in service or an unforeseen performance hiccup.

So to make your next launch goes off without a hitch, join Acquia’s Erik Webb, Cloud Engineering Manager, to learn about several key aspects of load testing and how to plan for Drupal 8 success, including:

  • An overview of Drupal 8 scaling features
  • Identifying the behavior of different traffic patterns and sources
  • Simulating traffic for a brand new site versus upgrading an existing site
  • How to incorporate load testing throughout development