Lessons Learned - Building BassMaster.com

Lessons Learned - Building BassMaster.com with OpenPublish and Acquia Cloud:
How Publishers can use Drupal to build a cost-effective, scalable content platform

Join Go Sportn President and Founder Ned Desmond as he walks through how and why he built bassmaster.com on Drupal distribution OpenPublish, running on Acquia Managed Cloud.  Bassmaster.com is the website for the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, or B.A.S.S., with more than a half-million members.  Bassmaster.com  is the digital home for many annual bass angler tournaments, where members connect, share results and talk about the sport of bass fishing.

In this webinar, Ned will walk the audience through the process Bassmaster.com went through to select Drupal, OpenPublish and Acquia Managed Cloud. He will discuss his CMS, design and hosting requirements for the site and why they ultimately choose the Drupal distribution OpenPublish developed by Phase2 Technology.  Additionally, he'll discuss the process of selecting a hosting provider for the site and why they chose Acquia Managed Cloud. Ned will share the lessons his team learned along the way while building a high traffic publishing site on open source Drupal.

This webinar is intended for business decision-makers and site owners.  Attendees will learn:

  • how to evaluate key CMS requirements when making technology selection
  • how OpenPublish made the Drupal selection process easier
  • how to approach Drupal site development and operations to ensure successful outcomes