Introducing Workspace Preview System: Solve Your Content Preview Problems

Adam Balsam - Technical Lead, Acquia
 Joseph Purcell - Technical Analyst and Senior Web Developer, Digital Bridge Solutions

The problem of accurately previewing changes to site content, especially in the context of other content (whether new or existing) has been a daunting challenge for years.

First addressed by the Site Preview System (SPS) as part of the Large Scale Drupal initiative, and more recently as the Content Preview System (CPS), the problem still exists. Using a new suite of both new and existing contributed modules, and leveraging the work being done as part of the core Workflow Initiative, the Workspace Preview System (WPS) is the third - and we hope definitive - solution to this space.

In this webinar, learn about how the Workspace Preview System can solve your content preview problems, with topics including:

  • The history of Preview in Drupal
  • Implementation details, including what contrib modules are used and what Lightning adds
  • Different scenarios in which you’d use Workspace Preview System
  • Current Workspace Preview System status and roadmap