Hello Drupal!

In this online introduction to Drupal 7, you can learn enough to be dangerous. This is a new version of our popular Hello Drupal course which includes future-proofing advice for new adopters of Drupal. You can watch this presentation and demo, and then follow-up with a structured online course. You’ll learn the essentials of Drupal step-by-step and earn your very own “Hello Drupal” badge. Consider this a welcome to Drupal, the software and the community.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What can you do with Drupal
  • The big three: Content types; display configuration and Views
  • Extending Drupal with module selection
  • Understanding the theme system
  • How to find help and resources
  • How to start on the online course and earn your “Hello Drupal” badge!