Drupal for Project Managers, Part 4: Maintenance

Drupal for Project Managers, Part 4: Maintenance

This four-part mini-course follows the life cycle of a Drupal project from start to finish -- and back again. This is based on our day-long Drupal for Project Manager’s course and will appeal both to project managers adopting Drupal and experienced Drupal developers or site builders who want to improve their overall project planning.

In Drupal Maintenance for Project Managers, we'll give you an overview of the most important tasks for site maintenance. Site maintenance is usually not overlooked, but is often an afterthought. Jenn Sramek, Sr. Project Manager and Scrum Master at Acquia, has worked on projects of all sizes and knows what can go wrong in the maintenance phase.

We’ll give you an overview of how to maintain your site and what you should expect with Drupal. We’ll also walk through tricky problems with Drupal configuration and explain best practices your developer team should be employing.

In this webinar, we will review:

  • Upgrading and updating your site
  • Migrating content
  • Deployment, version control and development environments
  • Best practices for maintenance
  • Avoiding typical pitfalls in maintenance