Drupal, the Cloud and Security

You've heard all the great things about launching your website in the Cloud -- elastic resources that respond to traffic variability, scalable data storage, reduced human and capital costs and the list goes on. But is it secure? Many today have outstanding questions about data integrity, encryption, user authentication, compliance, and disaster recovery.

Organizations need to take a comprehensive approach to how they address security. It's not just about the infrastructure or just about the site architecture - the entire solution needs to be considered from end-to-end. A Drupal website deployed on the Acquia Cloud running on Amazon Web Services gives an organization a battle-tested, Drupal-optimized platform powered by two companies that take security very seriously.

Representatives from Amazon Web Services, Acquia, and a member of the Drupal security team will demonstrate how this combined solution enables a comprehensive, proactive approach to deploying a secure website. They will highlight the architecture utilized by Amazon Web Services and Acquia, discuss Drupal security, and through a series of customer examples, demonstrate how Amazon Web Services and Acquia offer solutions that specifically address security concerns.