Drupal 8: The Foundation for Digital Experience and Digital Business

As the demand for cross-channel, personalized digital experiences skyrockets, enterprise business and tech leaders are re-evaluating their digital platform foundations. At the same time, many organizations are looking to the digital world for new strategies to streamline the business, operate more efficiently AND better serve their customers.

Join this webinar to learn how market-leading companies are harnessing Drupal 8 to deliver great digital experiences across all touchpoints, enable powerful digital marketing, and leverage new business models so they can thrive in a digital-first, customer-centric world.

The webinar will address:

  • What a digital experience platform is and why it should be foundational to all your digital projects
  • How this platform enables you to build and deliver more effective and personalized experiences better and faster across traditional (web, mobile) and emerging (digital signage, kiosks, voice interfaces, and Internet of Things) channels.
  • 5 requirements you should consider when evaluating a new digital experience platform
  • How the cloud, open source, and Drupal 8, can help you successfully achieve your digital requirements and accelerate your digital journey