Drupal 8 Deep Dive: Plugin System

Drupal 8 has introduced a number of new (to Drupalists) technologies, but embedded in this mix are a handful of Drupal-centric innovations. Amongst the first of these to be introduced to Drupal 8 was the Plugin system. The Plugin system is a far reaching PHP Component that has largely replaced the old hook_info/alter pattern within Drupal and can be used outside of Drupal as well.

In this webinar, Kris Vanderwater (You may know him as EclipseGc) will review:


  • Examples of what appropriate plugin system usages look like
  • What plugin tools exist and how to leverage them
  • Where to get information on building your own plugin types
  • How to use the existing helper classes in Drupal for the greatest impact
  • How Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8 works for plugin converted subsystems to frame the discussion around when and why to build a conversion


In addition to this we will dig into the tools and classes Drupal provides out of the box, and dissect a simple example plugin type that you can use to build your own plugins types and better understand the plugin system.

Watch the recorded webinar

occurred on

Thursday, August 21, 2014 EST


1:00 PM




Kris Vanderwater

Developer Evangelist Acquia