Drupal 7 Display Modules, Part 1: Content Layout with Display Suite

In the Drupal 7 Display Modules series, we will walk you through two different ways to control content layout. In our first session, we will walk you through the Display Suite module.

The Display Suite module gives you full control to customize your content on your Drupal site. The drag-and-drop user interface provides the ability to arrange content, views, comments and user data. Join OSTraining, an Acquia training partner, to get a full overview of the Display Suite module.

In this webinar, they will teach you how to:

  • Use the drag-and-drop interface to organize your content.
  • Arrange your content, views, comments and user profiles in multi-column layouts.
  • Create practical layouts without touching the code
  • Add custom layouts in your theme (Drupal 7)